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Set in a steampunk Savannah, Georgia, Nefarious weaves a tale of intrigue, hidden desires, and devious intentions.

Talcott Henderson, dead for over one hundred years old, wants to live again. Enslaved and abused, he longs to destroy his maker and return to the world of the living. But first, he must replace himself with someone else. Armed with only a silver tongue and a fuzzy sense of right and wrong, he sets his sights on Elyse Delafayette, a lonely melancholic. But Samuel Quartermaine, a vampire hunter with a dark past of his own, bears a grudge against Talcott’s maker, and stalks Talcott from the shadows of the cemetery walls.

Will Talcott succeed in convincing Elyse to join the ranks of the undead before Samuel can stop him?

Fans of Dracula, steampunk, and gaslight fantasy will love this collection of dark and lurid tales. If you’re tired of sparkly vampires and sickly-sweet romances, sink your fangs into the Nefarious Series and get a bigger bite out of the vampire world.

“Rate: Five Stars

Five stars? Yes. Trust me. Five stars.

“This Author…she’s gained a new fan-girl. Her writing is SO compelling that I couldn’t look away, and the next thing I know, I’ve read the entire story and was CRAVING more. 

My word, I can’t get over how …. Apparently, I need to open a dictionary for this review, as I seem to be lacking words that accurately describe this book.

If you like dark erotica, THIS, right here, is the book and author for you.” –Author D.A. Fischer

“Lucille Moncrief writes what I like to refer to as sophisticated erotica. It is erotica, but the writing is so hauntingly beautiful you almost forget that. The story is dark and sexy with a lot of twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting since it is such a short story. This is one of those stories that will stick with me for a long time, and has become the measuring stick that all other dark erotica will have to measure up to. I can’t wait to start the next book.”

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