What’s the status on the Nefarious Five book?

What’s the status on the Nefarious Five book?

Whelp, the status on Nefarious Five is . . . Nefarious Five is no more.

Funny skeletons hear no evil
Say it ain’t so!

Okay I’m kidding. Sort of. The thing is, like most indies with a day job and a family and a money pit of a house, it takes me much longer to complete a fiction novel than initially anticipated. Have you ever noticed that it always seems to take way longer to complete a project than you’d first hoped? For example, I’m repainting every room in my house. Twelve hours pass. One wall is done.

Painter's despair
This is bullshit

So because it is going to take me a boatload of ungawdly time to finish this book, I’m splitting it up. On October 25, Nefarious IV.V, my newest book, will officially launch on Amazon.

Yippee for Nefarious Five

Book goes on preorder Aug. 21. It’s a novella and will cover Samuel’s gripe with the Scion Hive. There will also be another darkly themed short story from me coming out next month. Stay tuned.

– Lucille ‘slow release’ Moncrief