April Attacks!

April Attacks!

Today marks the start of April Attacks! This promotion runs until the end of the April. All books are free or discounted, are different genres, and feature battles, wars, and revolutions. Enjoy!


Honor the Suffering WWI Vampires
Paranormal Historical Fiction/Decopunk

While the bombs rain overhead, Talcott Henderson and a group of fellow soldiers huddle in the cratered ground beneath the German front lines.

Through the never-ending din of enemy fire, the voracious, blood-soaked machine of war haunts Talcott. Memories claw at him; kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. In the bowels of the earth a specter appears, and offers him an eternal life free of guilt.

But what is the cost of an unmarred soul?

If you like dark and gritty tales, war stories and the supernatural, you’ll love this installment of the authoress Moncrief’s Nefarious series. Grab your copy today, travel through time, and escape into a breathtaking new world.

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Free fantasy short story
Steampunk/ Gaslight Fantasy

A captured mermaid, two vampire hives on the brink of war, and a bored, sadistic king weave a tale of forbidden love in this spin-off from Moncrief’s Nefarious series.

Follow Hannibal Steele, chief alchemist of the Scion Hive, as he races against the clock to produce the coveted Bone Elixir. Will he finish the elixir in time before the Great King Abaddon murders Hannibal’s love, Emmeline, princess of the rival Minoa Hive?

Find out in this thrilling, fast-paced tale set in a steampunk world, where the sea rises in anger at the capture of her princess, wolves howl within the hoary swirls of a white potion, and mermaids join forces with a lonely alchemist in the foggy Georgia night.

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Citadels of Fire
Historical Fiction/Romance

Russia 1547. The infamous Ivan the Terrible takes the Russian throne.

In a time where danger hides in plain sight and no one aspires to more than they were born to, Inga searches for courage to break the oppressive chains that bind her heart.

As a maid in the Kremlin, Inga’s life is bleak. Until Lord Taras arrives. Convinced that his mother’s death when he was a boy was no mere accident, he’s returned from England to discover the truth. While there, he gains the Tsar’s favor.

When Sergei, a brutal boyar, sets his sights on Inga, she must overcome her mortification and ask Lord Taras for help.

Up against the social confines of medieval Russia, the shadows cloaking their history, and the sexual politics of the Russian court, Inga and Taras must uncover their past and survive the brutality of life inside the city walls, or they may end up like so many citizens of ancient Russia: flesh and bone mortar for the Kremlin wall.

Experience this sweeping, historical romance set against the backdrop of a brutal Eastern culture here!


Charles's Bride
Erotic Romance


I lost her five years ago, along with everything else. One second, I was driving my motorcycle and the next, I couldn’t remember my past.

And then, as chance would have it, I saw her again.

I didn’t know who she was, but I could feel it in my heart that she meant something to me.

So, of course, I had to have her—she was the key to the past—the answer to so many questions.

Not to mention, she was sexy as hell.

But, Becky was playing hard to get.

And I play for keeps.



He broke my heart.

From the start, I should have known he was too good to be true. I was just an average, plain Jane kind of girl, and he was the high school heartthrob. Of course, it would never work.

And, it didn’t.

So, I learned to forget about him.

But, of course, life’s a bitch and brought him right back.

Will I be able to forget the past? Or will the future hold more heartbreak and deceit?

I want to pray for forgiveness but I’ve long started to doubt that word.

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Light in the Labyrinth
Historical Fiction

IN THE WINTER OF 1535, fourteen-year-old Kate Carey wants to escape her family home. She thinks her life will be so much better with Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s second wife and the aunt she idolizes. Little does Kate know that by going to attend Anne Boleyn she will discover love and a secret that will shake the very foundations of her identity.

An attendant to Anne Boleyn, Kate is also swept up in events that see her witness her aunt’s darkest days. By the time winter ends, Kate will be changed forever.

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Escape from Purgatory
Historical Fiction/Suspense

The unthinkable can happen. Claire Wright learns this nightmarish truth when life comes tumbling down around her. In her world, men still rule, and that includes what they do with their wives. Abandoned at the local asylum, Claire frantically tries to unravel the reason she’s in this predicament.

Tormented by staff, struggling daily for survival, she believes she’s doomed. One day, she’s faced with an opportunity that changes everything.

The problem: a dead body is involved. Can Claire make a clean break and leave her hellish existence forever, or does the past catch up with her?

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Historical Fiction

Richard meets the love of his life and moves to a larger provincial town to court her, while Rachel’s father is a successful entrepreneur and she is used to the better things in life.

She is charming, cultured and intelligent, but things are not as well as they seem. Brought down by rumor and innuendo, her life reaches a low point; but with Richard’s support, all becomes well until Richard volunteers to fight in South Africa and leaves Rachel under a cloud.

Once there, Richard is quickly drawn into the murky world of counter-espionage and misadventure, where he soon finds far more excitement than he bargained for, and it is only in the face of imminent death that he realize’s the true value of what he has left behind.

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Downed over Germany
Historical Fiction

British RAF pilot Tom Westlake’s struggle to survive starts the moment his fighter-bomber is shot down over Germany in 1943. Follow his adventures and find out if he manages to stay alive despite Gestapo hunting him down.

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The 8th Sky
Psychological Thriller

When the puppet masters sacrifice the people to gain power, what would you give up to keep your sanity? Your integrity? Or your life?

Lin Lee, the lead architect of a science park project, wakes up at an asylum after 3 all-nighters fried her brain. She insists she has discovered a menacing plot hole in the narrative of her client’s charitable image. Through it, she saw a glimpse of a secret so horrific her mind can barely face. No one believes her. To restore her credibility, she starts a memoir. Venture with her into a bewildering expedition to her male-dominated homeland which had been plagued by ideology for decades and discover the truth.

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The Curse of Jaxx
Dystopian Horror

Cursed and abandoned on the lonely outpost of a forgotten planet!

Born on the turbulent sea’s edge of a deserted world, 500 denizens roam their castle of broken stone, held in thrall to the fear of some dark creature of myth. Wizened and wise-seeming leaders of this abandoned realm, Old Darius and the Elders, alone may decipher the hieroglyphics carved deep into the walls, and which tell the tale of the curse that has gripped them since a sin of abominable proportions countless generations ago.

Armor-clad sentries now stand on lofty battlements facing the violent sea and awaiting the return of unspeakable evil; the moon whispers the name of their tormentor to those who dare stare upon its face but drives to madness those who do not turn away. It is time for the curse of Jaxx!

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Demon's Revenge
Dark Fantasy



Aodh is dead.

My man, my beautiful man.

Who pulled me from the darkness and gave me a chance of a life in the light.

Now he’s gone.

And with him, all the goodness in me has left.

I’m going to have my revenge.

The world is going to burn.

Seek revenge here!


The Threads of War
Historical Flash Fiction

“These stories also reminded me that war involves people, and they allowed me to step into history as a breathing, feeling human being.” – J

The Threads of the War series shares personal stories from real-life military history across the span of The 20th Century’s War. With short stories from WWI and WWII, the reader is carried from one front of the war to another with emotionally compelling bursts. In Volume I, experience the intimate moments between a father and son high over Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941; squirm in your seats with the movie-goers at a German cinema in 1915; and travel a rail line with some children in East Prussia in 1945.

Each story in this collection opens the door to a unique personal facet of war; exposing the reader to the facts, fictions, and fallacies of armed violence. Following each story, the reader is provided specific and revealing facts about the events narrated, offering both entertainment and education within the time it takes to read a blog-post.

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The Mission
Sci-Fi Action

The mission was supposed to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

India Wilson has never set foot outside of Sector A since she and the other descendants of Old Earth have arrived on their new home planet. Now at twenty-two years old she finally has the opportunity to leave the gates she helped secure for so long and explore the outside world. The mission is simple: accompany a group of explorers to find a much-needed energy source. What she doesn’t know is that the world outside those gates isn’t what it seems. Not all of the descendants of Old Earth are happy. The civil unrest in the other bordering sectors is brewing and is about to come to a dangerous head.

When India finders herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, her mission becomes one of life and death. In order to stop their new nation from self-destruction, she must challenge everything she believes in.

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Loved by the Alpha Leader

***WARNING*** Contains hot alpha males, strong confident female leads, and steamy scenes. 18+

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The Tale of Briton's Fury
Epic Fantasy

Briton the Brown is a madman. Or so it would seem. Colin wants nothing more than to hide away at the top of the sphere and live in peace. But with Briton entering the Scrape Lands, the Warlock Council summons him to tell his story. A story that sends shafts of fear through his core just thinking about it. When he travels to Shroud, he encounters a young woman with strange power and sparkling eyes. But does her power control him? Are the feelings that arise really his own?

Tiberius leads the Brotherhood, tasked with recording history and protecting the Jin’tai’s way of life. But when the Warlock Council sought refuge, he couldn’t refuse. And now? Briton invades the peace talks, and he brings chaos with him. There is only one way to protect the Scrape Lands from becoming engulfed in the war that has wreaked havoc through the other Lands. But is the price worth it?

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The Thirst for Intimacy




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Next month, I don’t know what I’ll have going on. Possibly a young adult and graphic novels promotion, and I’d like to start a theme called Macabre May, featuring dark and dreary tales of murder, mayhem, and chaos. Stay tuned.