Nefarious Five Cover Reveal and Progress Report

Nefarious Five Cover Reveal and Progress Report

Well, the launch for Nefarious Four went pretty well I’d say. I got a lot of follow-through sales and read-through of the prior books in the series, and I have a goal to get Nefarious Five finished by the end of next month. Below is the cover reveal and a progress report on the series.

Nefarious Five Cover

So, cover is done, proofreader/editor is on stand-by, and all of the research and most of the outlining is done for the book. I’m only about 6K words in, but I should have it finished by the end of the month. I usually average about 2K words per day, and if it is about the same length as the last book at around 40k words, I should reach my goal.

Then it’s on to Nefarious Six, the last book in the series. I’m marginally sad about it. I hope to have it ready and released by end of May, very early June before the notorious summer sales slump commences.

Speaking of sales slumps, one of my goals for my books is to build up an ARC team and get at least 20 reviews per title. If you like to read, like free books, and like to share your opinion, please let me know if you want to join my ARC team.

Next on the publishing schedule will be a steampunk werewolves novella set during the civil war. It will be another research heavy book, and I will probably hate my life while I’m trying to write it, but I got the idea for the premise almost a year ago and it just. Won’t. Go. Away.

My goal is to have the book set to pre-order and experiment with that particular tactic. I haven’t been able to do pre-orders yet because I messed mine up last August and Amazon banned me from doing pre-orders for a year. Blech. I’m looking for a release date for mid-September for steampunk werewolves.

For Halloween, I’ve got a short story brewing based off of the German Expressionist film Destiny.

And then we’ll be getting into steampunk pirates. There will be flying ships in Venice. There will be wormholes. And there will be recurring characters from the Nefarious series. You will probably hate it, but that’s all right. I’ll continue offending the world with my writing. It’s what I do best. Besides singing. My mother always said I was a good singer so it must be true.

Tentative release date of January next year 2019.

As far as the progress report on blog content goes, I’ll be interviewing Mrs. Vera Ewee for the Steampunk Vampires Interview Series. 

I’ll also finish up the post about Author Email Lists, and a dhamphyrs vs. vampires FAQ. Stay tuned, lovelies.