New Release Nefarious Four: The Dirigible Airship Disaster

New Release Nefarious Four: The Dirigible Airship Disaster
Nefarious Four The Dirigible Airship Disaster
Steampunk and Gaslight Dark Fantasy

Ready for more steampunk vampires? How about the dimming of the gaslights, howls of the werewolves, and the ripping of corsets?

Sink your fangs into the latest book of the Nefarious Series, Nefarious Four: The Dirigible Airship Disaster.

Described as “captivating,” and “hauntingly beautiful,” the Nefarious series is a sophisticated, enthralling, and well-written tale of intrigue and devious desires. Set in a lurid, southern gothic world, follow the undead Talcott Henderson as he engages in a battle of wits with his intended, Elyse Delafayette.

But wait, what’s this? Half-ling dhamphyrs armed with hawthorn stakes, an energy-witch coven torn apart by infighting, and a corpse-like, ancient vampire king with an agenda of his own?

Enhanced with custom illustrations, this fast-paced steampunk series will leave you on the edge of your seat and hungry for more. If you are sick and tired of wimpy vampires and the flood of terrible books on the romance market, grab your copy today of Nefarious Four: The Dirigible Airship Disaster and relearn what a true escape into fiction is all about.


“While it may sound like your mother’s vampire’s novel, it is not! The writing is stunningly beautiful and the illustrations hint at a Neil Gaiman graphic novel.” – Diana the Book Nerd


“Lucille Moncrief’s writing style seduces the reader with every syllable. She sets the perfect tone for what I envisioned steampunk to be.” – Priscilla, Amazon reviewer


“Yet again, this author blows my mind.” – Rabid Readers Book Blog


Ready to get away for a little while? Go for a ride on the dirigible HERE!