Steampunk Vampires Series – Interview with Elyse Delafayette

Steampunk Vampires Series – Interview with Elyse Delafayette

The third installment of the Steampunk Vampires Interview Series, next up is Elyse Delafayette.

Elyse Delafayette Interview Series

Interviewer: Please, for the love of god, tell me you aren’t a vampire.

Elyse: I’m not, but I want to be. Or at least, I did. Still thinking about it.

Interviewer:  . . .

Elyse: Don’t judge me.

Interviewer: Why would you consider becoming a vampire?

Elyse: There is something very appealing about never growing old and never dying. Apparently, they don’t feel much of anything, either.

Interviewer: Like remorse?

Elyse: I never really thought of that particularly. Why are you rubbing your neck?

Interviewer: Well, your Talcott Henderson certainly doesn’t feel any remorse.

Elyse: He’s not my Talcott Henderson.

Interviewer: Whatever. He took a bite out of me the other day.

Elyse: That sounds like something he would do.

Interviewer: Why on earth doesn’t that bother you? Shouldn’t you be afraid?

Elyse: I suppose I have a bit of a death wish.

Interviewer: . . .

Elyse: You’re judging me again, aren’t you?

Interviewer: Harshly.

Elyse: I’m not sure if interjecting your own opinions into the narrative is the way an interview is supposed to go.

Interviewer: I suppose not. Why do you have a death wish?

Elyse: When you lose everyone, one day they’re here and you think they’ll go on forever, and the next day everyone’s taken from you and you’ll never see them again. Well, it damages your perception a bit.

Interviewer: Hm, I’d say. Don’t you think you ought to get professional help for that?

Elyse: You know, that’s what I was seeking when I first met Talcott Henderson.

Interviewer: Oh yes, and shortly thereafter you met Mr. Quartermaine, is that correct?

Elyse: It is.

Interviewer: Don’t you feel a bit, I don’t know, bad stringing them along? And don’t think I’m judging you again. I mean, I am a little I suppose, but I personally don’t care for either of those two.

Elyse: Your opinion is of no consequence to me, Sir. And I’m not “stringing them along,” whatever that means. Talcott Henderson doesn’t feel, remember? And Samuel Quartermaine isn’t an idiot and knows exactly what’s going on.

Interviewer: Hey wait, don’t go yet! I wanted to ask you about the witches . . . oh, of course. Slam the door in my face. Dirty puzzle.