In Defense of Blogging – for Authors

In Defense of Blogging – for Authors

So I have this ghostwriting project I need to finish up #procrastination. But a lot of news regarding the changing landscape of social media (Facebook) has my rusty wheels a’spinning. This post is an essay in defense of blogging, and why authors in particular would benefit from this strategy.

First, I’d like to draw your attention to this article on Facebook’s recent announcement regarding the news feed algorithm. Late last summer, Facebook ran out of ad space. Essentially, the news feed became saturated by so many ads.

Now, if you carefully read that article I linked to, you can probably surmise that Facebook ad space will now come at a premium. Less ad space = more expensive ads. The reason for this, again coming from the article, is because the news feed will now heavily feature posts from friends, not pages/business you’ve ‘liked,’ unless the pages/businesses start paying for (now limited) ad space.

Also, posts that garner long-form replies, not just likes, will be weighted favorably by the new algorithm.

What I mean by long-form replies is, you can’t just make a post like “Comment ‘yes’ if you think Donald Stump’s hair is made of angel tears and broken dreams.” You’ll have to write a post like, “What do you think Donald Stump’s hair is made of?” See how the second post is more likely to garner comments in complete sentences? That’s a long-form reply.

But Lucille, how does this affect authors? The sky is falling, bock!!!!

The sky is not falling. This is not bad for authors, you just need to change your strategy. Less social media, more personalized content that will get people talking. This is one of the reasons why having a blog and blogging on the regular is such a good idea for authors.

Why? Because you own a blog. A blog is your internet real estate.

Authors home
I want to live here. Where the sun shines. And the air doesn’t hurt my face.

Do you see how only relying on Facebook, and other social media platforms as well, is a terrible long term strategy? You don’t own it. It changes frequently. Getting seen on it quickly is going to cost a lot of money. I cannot stress enough how having a self-hosted blog as an author is something you must have.

You can feature your books. You can have a landing page/sign up form to gain email list subscribers. Post what you want, when you want. You can host promotions and giveaways, and reviews for other authors so that your blog is seen as reader friendly. I get a lot of sales just through this blog whenever I host promotions.

Without your own blog, you’re like the internet homeless, at the mercy and whims of companies like Facebook who will kick you off their park benches. Stop renting, and start buying internet real estate.

But Lucille, I don’t know diddly about SEO! *ties noose*

You’re tying it wrong, and that’s all right. I didn’t know much about SEO either when I first started. But what I did do was I got the Yoast SEO Premium plug in, which trained me on how to write blog posts, and how to structure key words. Get it. Get it now. No one is looking and I know you want to.

By the way, I’m not affiliated in any way with Yoast, I just think their plug in is awesome.

CAVEAT: Get, NOT is the version that lets you self host. With you are really hamstrung on what all you can do with your site. If you’re going to do this blogging/seo strategy for your author brand, do yourself a favor and invest in You’ll thank me and yourself later.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments!