Steampunk Vampires Series – Interview with Talcott Henderson

Steampunk Vampires Series – Interview with Talcott Henderson

Today, I’m starting a new blog series. In the middle of the week. Which is the worst time for a blog series but no one ever accused me of having impeccable timing. Anyway, the series will be titled Steampunk Vampires, and we will be starting with an interview of Talcott Henderson.

Talcott Henderson

Interviewer: So, Mr. Henderson, what is a steampunk vampire?

Henderson: I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps they are created when the undead adorn themselves with unnecessary gears.

Interviewer: Hm, that’s an interesting take. Let’s move on then, shall we? Where are you from, Mr. Henderson?

Henderson: Feldberg, but I haven’t seen it since the armistice. 

Interviewer: The armistice?

Henderson: The one that ended the Great War. I was changed during the Somme offensive, and returned home briefly. They were, rightly, terrified of my transformation.

Interviewer: Who was terrified?

Henderson: My family.

Interviewer: Oh. Have you seen your family since then?

Henderson: No, they are all dead. My maker destroyed them.

Interviewer: That’s horrible. Why did he do that?

Henderson: Because he enjoys sheer cruelty.

Interviewer: Well, I’m very sorry that happened to you. Let’s move on – why did you choose to settle in Savannah?

Henderson: I did not. Lucius brought me to Savannah. I had little say in the matter.

Interviewer: Why is that? Who’s Lucius?

Henderson: Lucius is my maker. I am compelled to do as he says.

Interviewer: The maker who killed your family?

Henderson: Yes.

Interviewer: So, you’re pretty much forced to hang around the person who killed your entire human family?

Henderson: That is correct.

Interviewer: Well, that’s just terrible. No wonder you’re so messed up.

Henderson: . . .

Interviewer: My apologies. I get carried away. So, anyway, what happens if you don’t do as Lucius, your maker, says?

Henderson: That really isn’t a possibility. I am forced to do what he wants, to go where he says. His commands and desires reside in my very bones. That is why one must choose their maker carefully.

Interviewer: What do you mean, ‘choose their maker’?

Henderson: Most are given a choice.

Interviewer: What?

Henderson: Yes. Humans were not the only ones to sign an armistice after the Great War. So were vampires. One of the laws that was codified then was that potential initiates must choose.

Interviewer: Hm, well all right then.

Henderson: At the time of my meeting with Lucius, I was gripped by the terrors of war. I could not make a sound decision at the time, and he capitalized on that. He is a like a cat toying with a mouse. But, I would give anything to reverse my decision, and break the bond with that mad tyrant.

Interviewer: Oh yes, speaking of choosing a maker, isn’t it true that you want to be Elyse Delafayette’s?

Henderson: . . .

Interviewer:  . . . why are your eyes turning red?

Henderson: Ms. Delafayette must choose me of her own accord.

Interviewer: That’s just so weird. I’ve never heard of such a thing, vampires letting humans have free will to choose. It seems so avant garde.

Henderson: . . .

Interviewer: . . . are those claws?

Henderson: I suppose I am quite progressive, for the undead.

Interviewer: Now, now, you promised no fangs.

Henderson: I’m hungry.