A Very Steampunk Christmas: Nefarious Three Countdown Deal!

A Very Steampunk Christmas: Nefarious Three Countdown Deal!

In lieu of my countdown deal for Nefarious Volume Three, I’m hosting A Very Steampunk Christmas promotion! Check out these awesome steampunk and urban fantasy reads! Gears Gears GEARS!

Nefarious Volume Three

Tired of sparkly vampires? Sink your fangs into the custom-illustrated Nefarious Series and get a bigger bite out of fiction.

Set in a steampunk Savannah, Georgia, Nefarious weaves a dark tale of intrigue, hidden desires, and devious intentions. Follow the undead Talcott Henderson as he tries to turn an innocent woman before the half-ling dhamphyr Samuel Quartermaine can stop him.

If you’re a fan of the old masters like Stoker and Le Fanu, you will love this dark, lurid, southern gothic tale. Get your copy today and escape into a whole new world!

“It’s such an intriguing world this author has created. I’ve never read something like this before and it made me thirsty for more!
Excellent read. Highly recommended.”

“I don’t even know where to begin untangling my thoughts and emotions. This book continually kept them on edge and often divided. It is dark. Gritty. Morbidly fascinating. The characters so well drawn I was never sure if I should feel repulsed or attracted, humor or sadness, pity or empathy.”

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The Nefarious Series box set HERE

Need caught up on the series? Get Nefarious One FREE HERE

Nefarious Volume Two, an Amazon bestseller HERE

The Dream Thief steampunk book

An Engine World Novel

Karl Gilmore spends his days caring for people with failed minds. The Dream Thief fulfills twisted fantasies.

The seductive lure of irresistible power threatens to destroy all they both hold dear.

A wildly imaginative tale of the seedy underbelly of the perfect Engine World city and beyond.

In the glittering, steam-driven high society of Waldron’s Gate, no one needs to dream.

Lady Constance Steampunk book

Lady Ruth Constance Chapelstone never cared much for boys.

She was too fixated on corsets or engines to give them much notice.

An “inventor’s disposition” is how her uncle referred to it when she would forget basic necessities, like food or sleep.

But proper ladies don’t spend their days reinventing the steam engine, so Lady Ruth’s uncle helped her to create a new persona – The Owl: Britain’s Greatest Inventor!

The Owl is sought after but so is Lady Ruth, and making sure she remains free to pursue her inventions may every ounce of her cunning.

Lady Ruth Constance Chapelstone and the Clockwork Suitor is the first in a trilogy of steampunk novellas following Lady Ruth’s adventures.

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Hellcat Steampunk book

Your 31st century Wonder Woman has arrived!

On the road to FREEDOM, a beautiful, young martial arts expert; she whose broad stripes and bright stars dazzle in the arena; begins a perilous fight seeking liberty and justice for all. In the year 3015 the nation is broken, the powerful Y-Wood Corporation, a boy’s club for wealthy men govern the country with advanced technology, and elite robotics. NO ONE CAN STOP THEM! However one enhanced, patriotic sisterhood, The Mystical Slayers are about to kick some butt and change the world.

This is one of three novella’s is the heritage series. These stories are before the LAND of the FREE novel.

The Mystical Slayers Heritage Series:

1. Rising

2. Sister’s of the Dawns Early Light


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King Cage

King Cage is a superhero urban fantasy series in the vein of The Dark Knight ReturnsDaredevil, and Watchmen, fusing electrifying action sequences, realistic characters, and daring, original storytelling.

Follow the King through abandoned train stations, collapsed sewers, forgotten dungeons, and ancient ruins deep below New York City to worlds where the djinn rule and their Ashen Lord’s dominion is absolute. Can the King stop the horde before they overrun the city, the country, and the world?

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A Thorne in Time Steampunk bookWe choose our future, not our past.

Before Eva Thorne can accept her destiny, she must learn to accept herself. Eva leaves her family behind for boarding school (that’s a good thing when your family includes necromancers and crime lords), but the foreign city of Gernwold has its own dangers. An intruder, a teacher injured, a stolen necklace left in her room… Either someone is trying to frame her, or they know what Eva really is.

In this prequel novella to the Eva Thorne series, enjoy mystery and magic melded with technology, as you explore the Three Kingdoms and meet all the friends who will one day help Eva become the famous (or notorious) detective we know and love her to be.

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Cure the enemy steampunk story

Inside the city of Dirth, Isobella is a master chemist. She’s well-known among the human race . That is, until Romaine turned her into a werewolf and used her knowledge to begin the ending of the werewolf clan’s struggle for power over the city’s territory. Isobella finds the cure, while discovering what Romaine truly is. Will she be able to turn the tables, using the cure for werewolf-ism against her new foe?

Find out HERE

Hyperion The Assassin Urban Fantasy

Hyperion is an assassin with a fist of iron and a heart of ice. Not entirely human, he’s the only one who can fight a special kind of enemy. After being sent to the Dark Forest, he sets up camp and begins observing his target from the shadows. There’s little Hyperion doesn’t see coming, and even less he can’t deal with. That is, until his target’s young wife, Ligia, steps into the picture. A woman surrounded by darkness seeks the assassin, and threatens to melt the heart that has been frozen for so long.

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Blood bound urban fantasy

Before the Blood Bound Series, Amelia was just a normal girl…or was she?