PNR Promo – Vampires, Ghosts, and Shifters. Oh My!

PNR Promo – Vampires, Ghosts, and Shifters. Oh My!

All right so I promised everyone a yuuge and bigly PNR promo.

And with the wave of my tiny orange hands, here it is! Some of these books are free, some are previews (which are marked) and some are available on retailer sites, but all include your favorite monsters – vampires, werewolves, dragons, the works. Enjoy!


Unlike the Rest PNR Book

Like the rest of her people, Nisha is a Venandi, a vampire descended from angels. At an early age, she quickly learns there are a lot of things that set her apart from the others. Nisha has great sway over those around her and it threatens to tear her people apart. Will Nisha learn to harness her potential before it’s too late, or will her whole world crumble around her?

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The Vampire of Blackpool

Meredith Hanson lives in Blackpool, the former Victorian holiday hotspot of Northern England. She masquerades as a reclusive author, feeding on the blood of unsuspecting tourists without remorse. Her life takes on new meaning when she meets a young witch in a local pub one evening. Despite Meredith’s cold demeanour, she finds herself oddly fascinated with Samantha Morris, and falls into an accidental relationship with the girl. It is at this time that a vampire hunter arrives in Blackpool. He is tough, he is determined, and his next target is an ancient vampire that has been spotted in the tourist town. He intends to bring her down and destroy her to save the lives of innocent humans. Will he succeed? Or will the experienced vampire seductress be the cause of his undoing?

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Jingle Bear PNR book

Can one night together ever really be enough?

Hannah Williams couldn’t wait for the holidays. She was spending Thanksgiving with her boyfriend, Ryan, just the two of them, followed by Christmas with his family. It was only a matter of time before he proposed.

When Ryan unexpectedly dumps her, Hannah is absolutely devastated. He was her last chance at love. Now she’s doomed to be alone.

But after a chance encounter in a bar leads to one incredible night of passion with sexy Gabriel Angel, Hannah begins to feel that maybe she deserves a little happiness after all. The only problem is, she’s not ready for a relationship and he’s leaving town.

It was only meant to be a bit of fun to heal her broken heart. Now Hannah wonders whether Gabriel is only going to cause her more pain. Why can’t she stop thinking about him when it was just one night?

Hot and spicy, Jingle Bear is a standalone story in the Love Laid Bear series written especially for the holidays. Advised for readers aged 18+, it’s the perfect Christmas read for anyone who loves their romance with a sprinkling of snow!

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Set in a steampunk Savannah, Georgia, Nefarious weaves a tale of intrigue, hidden desires, and devious intentions.

Nefarious Volume One is the perfect dark and erotic tale for readers sick of sparkly vampires. Dive into this lurid, gothic world and get a bigger bite out of fiction.

“Not your run of the mill vamp book. Intrigued with the darkness. Will definitely read this author again.”

“I highly recommend this book especially if you are sick of “sparkling” vampires and want something with some real teeth, then settle down for a quick read. You will not regret it.”

Talcott Henderson wants to live again.

A centuries-old vampire, he longs to destroy his maker and become human once more. In order to do so, he must turn another. While he sets his sights on Elyse Delafayette, Samuel Quartermaine sets his on Talcott. Will Talcott succeed in convincing Elyse to join the ranks of the undead before Samuel can stop him?

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The Awakening PNR book

Elizabeth Hawthorne is an elemental witch. The only thing is, she has no idea. Not until she moves across the country and into a town where she faces her ever-growing powers, a feuding elemental clan, and a witch doctor, bent on finishing them all.

Elizabeth loses her family in a house fire she thinks she started. Her only goal is survive this new life, but centuries-old family secrets reveal themselves in the most unpredictable ways. Her sleepwalking trait turns out to be much more and people she meets affect her very nature as she affects theirs.

As personal transformations consume Elizabeth’s days and sleepwalking nightmares invade her nights, a bigger, more sinister entity makes its appearance and now Elizabeth’s life and the lives of those around her are in danger. She will have to embrace her new self and form difficult partnerships to fight the demons that are approaching and those that are within.

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First Fruits PNR book

He’s odd. But, then again, so is she . . .

Parsley Walker didn’t want to fall in love. She wanted to pour coffee, serve flapjacks, and forget that she could read minds. She wanted to be a ghost in a waitress’s uniform. But then fate walked in, and he had dark hair and a dark mood, and he looked at her like she was the only woman in the world.

And, to him, she was.

Jesse Linwood intended to blow into town, grab the girl, and get gone. Instead, the girl grabbed him with her shy smile and sad eyes. Now, his cold, black vampire heart beats for her alone, but he isn’t the only one who craves her. To keep her safe, he must pick a fight he knows he cannot win.

First Fruits is a haunting paranormal romance that is being hailed by reviewers as “dark” and “magical,” and it’s waiting for you in the shadows. All you have to do is come closer . . .

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Berlin Nocturne PNR Book

An intrepid, tempestuous redhead. A battle weary warrior. A sinister Nazi organization.

In war-torn Berlin, Katie Halvorsen has broken one rule too many. When her friends are captured, aristocratic warrior Max von Lansdorff rescues her from the Gestapo. But it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire because Max’s mission is to arrest Katie for breaking the Ancient Laws.

Berlin Nocturne is a prequel to the Warriors’ Council paranormal romantic suspense trilogy. If you like sexy vampire warriors, plucky heroines, sparkling romance and action packed adventure; you’ll love this page turner from Miranda Jameson.

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Sold to the berserkers PNR book

Nominated Best Fantasy Romance by Gravetell Reader’s Choice Awards…

When Brenna’s father sells her to a band of passing warriors, her only thought is to survive. She doesn’t expect to be claimed by the two fearsome warriors who lead the Berserker clan. Kept in captivity, she is coddled and cared for, treated more like a savior than a slave. Can captivity lead to love? And when she discovers the truth behind the myth of the fearsome warriors, can she accept her place as the Berserkers’ true mate?

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The Mortal One PNR book

Dylan is a mortal woman who is in desperate need of finding herself. What (or rather whom) she finds instead is Nico, a vampire, in the streets of Florence. She is suddenly swept up in an immortal love affair that she never thought would be possible…and she’s got questions… It’s not that easy, though. She has vampire politics to deal with and a hot Parisian vampire who thinks he can claim her. Nico must mark her and guide her through these tough times if either of them wants to survive. Will she be able to receive the mark? Can a mortal and immortal find true love with one another?

This is book 1 in a 4-book series, all of which have been released. There’s also a companion cookbook available in paperback to cook along with Dylan!

Read #1 in the series, an Amazon bestselling novel, today!

Girl Desecrated PNR book

It’s 1984 and 18-year-old Rachel is partying hard to drown her past and heat up her present. Enter too-hot-to-handle Highlander, Angus McNab, and Rachel puts the brakes on. He’s too good to be true, and not a man to be trifled with. Can Rachel hide her insanity and make him love her? Or will her alternate personality “Scarlett” ruin the party?

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Golden Dawn PNR book

Family and blood.

After 1100 years, these simple words mean everything to Herald. His life has been ruled by keeping his siblings safe, keeping them from becoming prey whilst feeding on the weaker. His failures have been many and measured by those he has lost. People like his twin brother.

There has always been another enemy.

Just who the enemy is comes into question when Herald meets the dangerous, angelic creature he is to guard. Wondering where his true loyalties lie is a dangerous thought. No matter whether he chooses family over the heart, it will mean death.

Only the right choice will ensure the life taken is not his.

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Somebody's Darling PNR book

In modern day Gettysburg where ghosts roam among the living, Confederate soldier Jesse Spenser drifts aimlessly. The only light in his lonely existence is Lucy, a lovely waitress who works in a tavern in town. Falling more in love with each passing day, Jesse yearns to speak with her and tell her how he feels. Lucy fears the ghosts that are said to haunt Gettysburg, so Jesse approaches her with great care. After overcoming her initial terror, Lucy develops a friendship with Jesse that soon blossoms into more. Lucy’s love and understanding brings Jesse a sense of peace, which only brings him closer to his final destination; Heaven. Jesse and Lucy have found soulmates in one another, but will they lose their chance at true love if Jesse crosses over to the other side?

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The Voice Within PNR book

A journalist sacked for phone hacking and tired of his decadent life style researches a triple murder that took place in his own ancestral home during the English Civil War. He discovers that events which occurred there nearly four hundred years ago are mirrored by his son’s relationship with a Muslim girl whose father has forbidden her to marry outside of their faith. Returning to his ancestral home, the journalist finds himself assailed by memories of the tragedy which appear to be embedded into the fabric of the building and brought alive by his presence. When his son’s girl friend is abducted and forced to appear before a sham Sharia court for offending Islamic values, the memories in the house take on a more tangible form which propel the journalist into a dramatic chase to rescue his son and girlfriend from a brutal punishment.

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Micheal's Honor PNR book

Eastlake Falls is a beautiful, prosperous city, which lay upon the banks of Angel River. Unfortunately, the city sits directly above a portal door where daemons and other unimaginable horrors wait for their chance to escape and send the Earthly plane into chaos and suffering.

Michael Caelum, the Archangel of Protection, was sent from the Hereafter to ensure this never happens.

And Honor Ward will be there to monitor his every move.

Commissioned as a Watcher by the Archangel, Gabriel, Honor stands by in silence, unable to help as Michael fights to keep the Four Horseman from bringing the Earthly plane ever closer to the apocalypse. But when Michael tangles with Death and things take a drastic turn for the worst, Honor breaks the only rule to which Watchers are bound. She interferes to save Michael’s life.

As the apocalypse looms closer, and Michael finds an ally in the most unthinkable of immortals, Honor tries to remain detached to fulfill her duty as a Watcher.

Fate, of course, has other plans.

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Dragons Don't Cry PNR book

A dragon shifter, a curse, and a woman with attitude.

One pint sized human female who’s had too much to drink, not enough sleep, and absolutely no patience meets one stubborn dragon shifter with a chip on his shoulder.

Bastian claims Acasia, his unwilling bride, after she spends the night carousing with friends. She’s not happy, he’s pissed off, and with a curse from a goddess thrown in, you’ll see Bastian breathe fire.

Add secrets, treasure, and unimaginable heartbreak for an emotionally humorous read and discover why Dragons Don’t Cry.

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Alpha Wolf Defender PNR promo

Tess and Connor are lovers from two rival wolf packs. Tensions between the packs increase as the bear shifters attack! Together, will they be able to defeat the bears and save their packs?

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Blood bound PNR book

Before the Blood Bound Series, Amelia was just a normal girl…or was she?

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Ivy's Bears PnR book

Wanted by a billionaire and his lawyer best friend… and they are NOT keen on sharing!


When I took the unpaid internship, I didn’t really know what I was getting into. I simply didn’t have any plans for my life…

But I certainly wasn’t expecting to meet two men like Winslow and Hollis… and they both want me!

The problem is, I want them both and I can’t possibly pick one from the two… If they want me, they will have to learn to share!

Winslow & Hollis

She’s not one of us! But we both want to own her, so badly…

So badly that we might even consider sharing!

We know the Bear community isn’t going to accept an outsider like her…

But that’s the last thing on our mind. All we want now is to make her ours!

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Sold to the Werewolf PNR book


Mom and dad left us without any warning, without the chance to say goodbye. Overnight, all I have left is my baby brother, Charlie.

But now he has fallen ill and death is calling.

There’s only one way I know to save him… Zare, the head of the biker gang. But men like him never come without a price; there’s always trouble.

If I agree to be his wife, he’ll take care of Charlie’s medical bills.

I’m ready to take the offer and accept him as he is… as long as he keeps his promise.


It’s always been easy for me to get girls, it’s just part of the fun of being a werewolf. Good looks and strong, muscular bodies seem to be in our DNA.

But finding a true mate is another story! I’ve been looking for what seems like forever and nothing…

And then I met Jane.

Getting this girl, it seems, is not so easy… So I made her an offer she can’t refuse.

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Bear Bosses Mate PNR book

Marcy Wright hopes her new job at Bear Bones Construction will provide a fresh start and help her leave the past behind. Her plan to keep her love life and work life separate becomes difficult when the sexy company CEO, Austin Morgan, takes an interest in her and makes her blood sizzle.

Despite being successful, handsome and rich, bear shifter Austin Morgan knows something is missing. When his business partner Bern hires a curvy and attractive accountant, he realizes what he’s been longing for: his perfect mate.

With obstacles in the way and trouble brewing, can he convince Marcy that she’s his sole desire? Or will she insist on staying in her comfort zone of being alone, and thus, put herself in unwitting danger when her past comes roaring back?

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A Touch of Magic PNR Book

Some women are born with a little something extra.   OONA WALSH is one of them. She learned early on that being honest about her gifts only leads to heartbreak and abandonment. But now she’s made a place for herself in Rivers End as the owner of Indulgence, a thriving bakery. There, she can use her powers to help people while flying well under the radar. But when sexy architect Sam Walker throws her carefully constructed world into chaos, she’s faced with a choice that will change her life forever—no matter what she decides. Will revealing her secret cost her the only place that has ever really felt like home?

SAM WALKER is finally ready to move on from his messy divorce and start dating again. When he finally gets a shot with Oona, it’s everything he’s been fantasizing about—and then some. Sam’s learned the hard way that a relationship without a foundation of honesty is doomed. But Oona is hiding something from him.   Will she come clean and give them a chance? Or has Sam bitten off more that he can chew when it comes to Oona?

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Blood Promise PNR book

Something evil is hunting virgins in Mountain Crest.

Since the only mark on the victims is a bite on the neck, the evidence points to a member of the secret but peaceful community of vampires who live up the mountain.

Chase is set to become the leader of the Lexus vampire group on his next birthday, and his parents have chosen the perfect vampire bride for him. The only problem: Chase doesn’t want Azalea – he’s fallen in love with a fiery-haired human named Ava.

But when Chase becomes suspect #1 in the murders, and Ava is exposed as the key to opening the Gates of Hell, the two need to battle witches, demons, and evil closer to home if they have any chance of surviving…

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Hyperion The Assassin PNR Book

Hyperion is an assassin with a fist of iron and a heart of ice. Not entirely human, he’s the only one who can fight a special kind of enemy. After being sent to the Dark Forest, he sets up camp and begins observing his target from the shadows. There’s little Hyperion doesn’t see coming, and even less he can’t deal with. That is, until his target’s young wife, Ligia, steps into the picture. A woman surrounded by darkness seeks the assassin, and threatens to melt the heart that has been frozen for so long.

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The Basilisk's Creed PNR Book

Dear diary…and anyone else who will listen: Tonight, I met the man of my dreams. Literally.

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Bound to Breathe PNR Book

In a town where werewolves prowl the night, college professors are versed in the occult, and supernatural dangers threaten to reveal themselves almost daily, Damon is just trying to survive. But, as he finds himself plagued with erotic dreams featuring a boy he barely knows, he figures he must be losing his mind. When that boy goes missing, he finds himself caught up in both a supernatural mystery and an unforeseeable romance that will forever change him…

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