Nefarious Series FAQ

Nefarious Series FAQ

Well, I’ve done it – I’ve truly gone off the deep end now.

I am pleased to present the recently completed FAQ for my steampunk dark erotic paranormal romance series, Nefarious.


Nefarious FAQ

Where did you get the inspiration for the series?

This series was actually inspired by film. In particular, the late German Expressionist masters F.W. Murnau and Fritz Lang. Movies like Nosferatu, Metropolis, and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

How many books are there?

There will be six.

What will you do after the sixth book?

I’ll probably get a very nice haircut.

Does Talcott ever get lucky?

You’ll have to read and find out, i.e. I don’t even know yet. This is the hazard of giving your creation free will.

Why Savannah?

Because it’s enchanting and I love it there. Writing about it is the best means of escape, i.e. it’s the only vacation I can afford at this time.

When does Volume IV come out?

Mid-December, barring any catastrophes.

Why the delay?

Because there are a lot of moving parts in this volume and I need time to fit together nicely.

Do you write under any other pen names?

Yes. I have a contemporary erotic romance line that I co-wrote under the name Penelope Pattelbottom.

Any other series coming out for Lucille Moncrief?

Yes. The Keystone Curse will be launched sometime in the next few weeks. This is a contemporary speculative fiction/horror series about a generational curse.

Any advice for an aspiring author?

Don’t do it.

Ha! It depends. If you just want to release a book as a means of crossing off the “I’m now an author” line on your bucket list, then by all means, write your story and publish it. But if this is going to be more of a career move for you, you need to look at it as a business and not a hobby. And business is brutal. It doesn’t care if you’re sick, your dog ran away, or your kids hate you. So, if you are a masochist, this might be the career move for you.

If you are indeed a fellow masochist, TheCreativePenn is a great resource to start with.

Any excerpts from Volume IV yet?


Only for my *minions* and *email subscribers* ; )