Cover Reveal for Volume Four: The Dirigible Airship Disaster and More Prurient’s Bluff!

Cover Reveal for Volume Four: The Dirigible Airship Disaster and More Prurient’s Bluff!

Cover reveal for Nefarious Volume Four: The Dirigible Airship Disaster! And the latest installment of Prurient’s Bluff is now live!

Nefarious Volume Four Cover

A super big thank you to my amazing cover artist Jessica Dueck! She does all of the cover art for the Nefarious Series.

I really like the lighting on this cover. The sparks flying off the gear is a really nice touch.

Volume Four is currently in the first draft stage and should be ready in a month or two. I’m super excited to get it published! A lot will be happening in this volume. There will be dirigibles, monsters, exploding dirigibles and witches!

I’ll be introducing a new character as well – Calista Tromperie, high priestess of the coven of the Alpine Manticore. It is possible that I will be adding her as a fourth first-person narrator for a few chapters. And pretty soon, I’ll be soliciting the services of *Carlo Clemente again for more illustrations. 

And for what you’ve all been waiting for, *Prurient’s Bluff Volume Five is now live in the Kindle store for your reading pleasure!

Prurient's Bluff Volume Five Cover Prurient’s Bluff is a contemporary romance series set in a fictional town. It is told from multiple points of view. I’ve co-written the series with the very talented D. Fischer. You can check out her stuff here*

In the meantime, I’ll be participating in a few promotions.

*Scream Reads! Blood-curdling tales for the Halloween seasons starts the 15th. I’ll be doing a *Facebook takeover for the event that day at 1 pm EST featuring *Nefarious Volume One! Winner gets a signed  paperback copy of Volume One!

Also have some good news: The Keystone Curse is almost ready to go live! This is nine-part epistolary horror series I’ve written for a small publication. Tana French’s Faithful Place, The Conjuring, and a dysfunctional family were all inspiration for the series. I’ve been asked to continue it, but we shall see how the launch goes. I have several new directions I could take the story line. Links to the final, published version shall be forthcoming.

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