Eye-catching Headline Goes Here – I’m the Ant Beneath the Magnifying Glass

Eye-catching Headline Goes Here – I’m the Ant Beneath the Magnifying Glass

I’m totally slammed with getting ready for *this* on Sunday. I’ve had quite a few personal setbacks in the last couple of weeks, so I’m behind on everything. I think things are winding down now, but as soon as you say that the universe laughs and gets out its magnifying glass. Grumpy cat getting out magnifying glass

I tried ordering hard covers from IngramSpark, but I am an idiot who did not check the very, very important box that says “case laminate.” Needless to say, after fiddling around with all the meta data, hard covers will not ship in time.

Paperbacks, however, should be here, but only for *Volumes One *and *Two*. *Volume Three* will only be a proof copy. I’ll have an ipad and an iphone with a little paypal scanner so if anyone wants *Volume Three* they can order it right there.

The *steampunk lamp* will probably be done in time. And I should have at least one character poster ready, too. And I’ll be starting a Rafflecopter giveaway for an *Amazon Echo Dot* for anyone who signs on to my mailing list. They will also get a free digital copy of *Volume One* because why the hell not?

As far as the *Prurient’s Bluff series* is concerned, Volume Five is in the works. This one will feature the blossoming romance between Ashlyn Flagstone and Paul O’Malley, as well as an interesting revelation about Ashlyn’s brother, Christopher Flagstone.


Prurient's Bluff Vol 5

Also want to give a big THANK YOU to all my client’s and business associates for their patience and understanding during the last week.

Thank you you rock

The Dirigible Airship Disaster is, of course, way behind schedule. Cover is done already, outline is almost complete and then I can start on the first draft. We might be looking at a Thanksgiving release and not Halloween. Here is a new illustration to tide you over:

Nefarious series characters


Barring any new catastrophes, I should have photos and more updates on how this *Freaky Fair* goes down in the coming week.

Also, *Nefarious Volume Three* will go on sale the 23rd.

That's all I have to say about that