Link to Nefarious Giveaway, Awesome Free Previews, and a Pineapple Grenade!

Link to Nefarious Giveaway, Awesome Free Previews, and a Pineapple Grenade!

The Nefarious giveaway is ongoing until the 28th. Click here for a chance to win an Amazon Fire 7 Tablet. Also, I’ve got free previews of novels in several genres. Click here or the image below to check out some new authors. These free samples won’t be available for long! Links to the full books are in each preview.

a taste of fiction free previews

Now, on to business.

So, I had Volume Three up for pre order. I messed it up, because:

Needless to say, I had to take it down, and then republish the full and final version from scratch. I’m just waiting for Amazon to upload it and then I will need to reformat all of my other books with the new ASIN and link to Volume Three. What a pain in the rear.

The good news is, it will be ready by the 21st like I promised everyone. I’ll be featured at the *Paranormal Platinum Author Party* on the 20th for it. Hope to see you there! Winner’s get a free $10 dollar Amazon gift card.

I’ll be vending at the Pittsburgh Freaky Fair next month. In preparation, I’m reaching out to a few formatting experts to help me get a few print copies of my books. Also, the love of my life and I are building a steampunk lamp for this fair. I found this cool WWII pineapple grenade that we will integrate onto the lamp somehow.

*Volume Two for Pattelbottom’s* Prurient’s Bluff series is available on Amazon. Also available as a *bundle.* I’m waiting on the cover for Volume Three and also doing the final edits. It should be uploaded and available on Amazon by Monday.

In addition to all of that, I’m experimenting with Booksprout. It’s an app you can download to follow your favorite authors. Any time they publish a new book or run a new deal, Booksprout will notify you instantly. And instead of digging around your inbox and trying to follow authors on numerous platforms, it is all integrated into the app. Pretty cool stuff, it seems. As soon as I can update all my links, I’ll be uploading Nefarious Volume One onto it and will let all my subscribers know if they want to give Booksprout a try!

I’m thinking email subscription lists will get phased out sooner rather than later. People seem to have inbox fatigue. I think author apps might be the way to go. Everything is all streamlined and gives you instant updates.

In the meantime, I’ll be awaiting with bated breath for Amazon to upload *Volume Three* on the kindle store, continue my search for a formatter, and outlining for Volume Four shall commence on Monday. Until then, here is a nice little excerpt from Volume Three for you and an illustration reveal!

“Her blood came slow and tasted of a pale blue anemia, an intoxicating metal. Not the most robust meal, but much needed nourishment, and tasty, nonetheless. I groaned with the sweet relief, and my limbs flooded with warmth and the muscles in my neck relaxed. Blessed sustenance, angelic dish. I could have kissed this woman. I could have married her to my pock-marked soul.

              The door opened”

Illustration reveal

Please let me know what you think about the Booksprout app idea! I like to be on the cutting edge of technology . . .

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