Giveaway, Nefarious Book Tour, Penelope Pattelbottom, and Free Preview


Book Tour

The book tour kicks off today! Check it out and enter the *giveaway* for a chance to win a free copy of *Volume Three* and an *Amazon Fire 7.* I also have a free preview up and available on Instafreebie. It’s on the side banner or you can *click here.*

This tour and giveaway will run for a month. Volume Three will be available in the Kindle store on August 21.

Have you guys heard of *Jex Lane?* I stumbled on her book “Captive” from the series Beautiful Monsters and can’t put it down. It’s a dark paranormal/fantasy/adventure story and the characters are developed, compelling, multi-faceted, and really drive the narrative. If you are looking for a good example of how to develop life-like characters, check it out *here*.

Anyway, next on the agenda for the week is a guest post by author *Catherine Green.* 

Afterwards, I’ll be covering the topic “your personal brand is your expertise,” and also talking about the group *Millennial Skills* on Facebook. If you are looking at authorpreneurship or just entrepreneurship, this is a great group to join.

So, for the week ahead I’ll be finishing up the last two/three chapters of Volume Three, editing, then sending it off to the proofreader. While that’s going on, I’ll also be working with *Carlo Clemente* on the illustrations. We are going to go with the *same style* as the ones used for *Volume One.*

I also got the *first in the new series *under the name Penelope Pattelbottom published on Amazon. This is free until the 31st. We are working on the second story in the series this weekend too.

Letters one and two of The Keystone Curse have been edited. Now onto the next seven. It’s taking us a bit longer to finish up with them since we are both busy with all of our other projects.

I’m still building an ARC team. An ARC reader is someone who receives an early, free copy of a book in exchange for an honest review. If you are interested, please contact me *here* or through my *Facebook* page.