Cover Reveal for Volume Three and Links to Multi-Author Promo!

Cover Reveal for Volume Three and Links to Multi-Author Promo!

The cover reveal for Nefarious: Volume Three and *we have a release date*: August 18!

Cover RevealCover reveal










It’s showing up a bit blurry on here, but I have no idea how to fix it. Bear with me, please. This cover was also designed by *Jessica Dueck.*

Here is the blurb:

Can evil consume innocence?

Can the one who walks the line between both save it?

Elyse Delafayette, innocent yet darkly cynical, continues a naive flirtation with evil incarnate. Although goodness pursues her, she rebukes him. Although he seems sincere, she fears he is not.

Samuel Quartermaine, embodying darkness and light, races against time to save her from the clutches of the undead.

Will she let him love her?

The third installment of the Nefarious series, The World is Our Exile is a paranormal erotic romance novella set in a steampunk Savannah, Georgia. If you love sarcastic heroines, brooding, secretive heroes, and exploring the stark contrast between good and evil, you will love this story. Get your copy now to experience a thrilling, erotic ride into vivid new world.

I’ll probably have to remove the word *”erotic” *before putting it up on Amazon. Their bots might put me in the dungeon for such an infraction.

I got it back from *Sorina Fant* yesterday, and her suggestions were everything I’d been hoping for. She picked up on a lot of things I missed, and I know her insights are going to prove invaluable for making this next installment in the series the best yet. The recommendations she gave me will carry over into all my future work and her suggestions have already sharpened my writing skills. Her advice was like the missing piece of a puzzle. It’s like I could intuit a tool missing from my arsenal but I couldn’t quite discern what it was and she found it for me. I highly recommend her services.

I’m doing a book tour of the *Nefarious* series and giveaway with *Silver Dagger Book Tours* starting the 28. We will be giving away a free copy of *Volume three* and an Amazon Fire 7 tablet. Stay tuned for links to participate in the giveaway.

Also, I’m co-authoring a new series. It will take place in fictional town, told in third person omniscient. These will be erotica shorts . . . with a plot! First story will be released to all my subscribers on Friday and set to free for the weekend. We will release one a week until we can’t stand it anymore. The second story is already in first draft stage.

Next post will be a guest post by gothic, paranormal romance author Catherine Green. She was kind enough to *feature me on her blog* today so I’ll be returning the favor. She is the author *the Redcliffe novel* series, set in a fictional Cornish town. It’s about a bookshop owner who falls in love with the wrong man.

Tina Glasneck is running a *multi author book fair until the 31.* Lots of good reads on there. Check it out.

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