When the Hell is Nefarious Three Coming Out?


Busy BeeWell, I know I said Nefarious Three would be coming out  on July 31. I’m still working like hell to get it published by then.

But life gets in the way, and I’ve reached a bit of an impasse within the major romantic sub plot. So, I’ll be working with a writing coach for the next few weeks. If the story isn’t ready by the 31, I promise it will be out within the following two weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve added a *few more services to my repertoire.* Along with editing and ghostwriting, I’ve also started formatting and uploading book funnels, and integrating them into email marketing lists for other authors.

This fall, I’ll be participating in two anthologies. One is about twisted/fractured fairy tales through Fiction-Atlas Press. All proceeds from the anthology will go to the Global Scoliosis Fund. The other one is an erotic horror anthology with a handful of other indie authors.

The Keystone Curse is currently in the red lining stage.

For all my lovely *Nefarious email subscribers, * you’ll be getting a cover reveal email here soon for Nefarious Three. I think you will really love it.

I’m doing a blog tour for the Nefarious series starting July 28 and it will run for a month. Silver Dagger Book Tours is running it, and the winner will get a free Amazon Fire 7, and a free copy of Nefarious Three. I’ll have more information about it soon for those interested in participating.

I’ve got several cross promos going this month. The next one will start on July 17. It will be through Instafreebie and there will be around two dozen other free books you can check out. I’ll have the links up on my *social media files* and in my next newsletter.

Here is an *excerpt from Nefarious Three *to tide you over:

“A pleasure, madam,” I said and bowed to kiss her breakable knuckles. An anger red-hot flared within my core.


“Now, I’ll have you know that Trina is the late wife of a Quartermaine. I’ve never introduced you to him, but I’ve been toying with him and his family since La Terreur.” Lucius stated with a dismissive wave of his claw. Trina smiled at him like she was in a dream, hands delicately clasped together at her knee, her chin tilted, eyes widened and dulled. Would sparks fly from them and her neck jingle mechanically when she finally moved? I grit my teeth to keep from rolling my eyes.

“And so,” Lucius said, his grin returning as he gazed back at Trina. He took her hand and held it in his before continuing, “I’ve summoned my darling daughter. She’s quite taken with the idea of participating in my newest caper,” he said and Trina giggled. I stifled a belch.

“As for you, my prodigal son, show her around my most haunted city, would you? And get her something to eat.” Lucius smacked his lips and kissed Trina’s hand before leaving the room. Her smile faded with his retreating footsteps and the spark returned to her eyes. I shifted in my seat, annoyed with the interruption to my fantasy. But, sometimes these things prove serendipitous. And caper? Ah, to turn the tides to my favor, perhaps.

“Shall we dine first?” I asked my fair sister—intruder now, but later, the mark?

She licked her lips and smiled. I took her hand and we slipped out the back door and into the dusk of a city pregnant with ghosts, ghouls, and the tastiest, most unsuspecting cuisine.