Illustration Reveal and More Snippets!


Today, I’ll be giving out a few snippets from my upcoming releases. And I am also happy to inform you all that I just got the illustrations back for Volume Two: Honor the Suffering. And now for the big reveal!

Illustration reveal

“The damp would drift up from the mud and settle into one’s lungs at night, forcing its way out with the morning revelry. Men coughed as the sun’s first rays burned off the last vestiges of darkness—daybreak’s glowing fingers illuminating every cobwebbed and muddied corner of our trenches. That morning in late June, which would commence Britain’s advance on our front line, was no different.”

CarloClemente used traditional water color illustrations for Volume Two since it is an historical fiction/ reminiscence of Talcott Henderson’s. I really think the watercolors add a dream-like quality that will really aid the narrative.

I am really excited about the buzz that’s generating over Honor the Suffering and can’t wait to get it out to you guys.

My next step is figuring out the formatting. I am toying with the idea of getting macincloud and using Vellum. Vellum makes beautiful books, not to mention it is user friendly. User friendliness is fast becoming an important quality to me.

So with that said, I should have this beautiful little story available to you (on Amazon this time) within two weeks or less.

Now on to other news.

The Keystone Curse is almost finished. Since I am child-free today, I’m finishing up the last letter in the series. Snippet:

“We went over the paperwork and he agreed to send it to me, for my hands were in no state to do any signing. He kept his distance, leaning back on his heels while explaining the jargon with the tip of his pen. Although the initial shock at the sight of him had me forgetting about the feeling of being watched, it returned to the edge of my awareness just as we said our goodbyes. I nodded my head and smiled, but my eyes darted past his and beyond the property line to the shadows that pooled beneath the lilacs, the apple trees, and the dead junipers.”

Just a couple more paragraphs left on this last letter and then it is off to the publisher. I will give frequent updates on its progress and link to it once it goes live.

And Nefarious: Volume Three is coming along well. At just under 7000 words, I think it is about half-way finished. But to throw a monkey wrench into my own plans, I’m thinking about turning this into a six part series. What I’d like to do between volumes three and four is add two separate short stories concerning the backstory of Elyse and Samuel. Why should Talcott get his own separate novelette? It just doesn’t seem fair to my other characters. A snippet from Volume Three:

A cold hand gripped my shoulder.

              “Fancy seeing you here, dhamphyr.”

My heart slammed against my ribs as Lucius Marquis stood over me, his grin devious as a poison dart.

              “Don’t you know that dhamphyrs are unwanted in this little town of mine?”

              “I’m going to buy this town and fire you.” I smirked.

              “Always quick with the lip. I must say, Talcott is woefully unskilled at pulling security detail.”

              “That’s because he’s fixin’ to set you up as the fall guy. And by fall guy, I mean he’s planning to have you killed.”

              He smiled wide, his fangs glimmering through chapped, red lips.

              “You are lying,” he said in a sing-song voice, trilling a bar in common time.

              “Ask him yourself. You’re just a bit player in our game. No longer a king, but a court jester.”

A lightning flash and his cold hand grabbed my neck. The background chatter from the crowd ceased and passersby stared and some reached for their phones.

              “There are witnesses, you idiot,” I croaked through clenched teeth.

              “Watch your step, for I do own this town, and him. . . and the girl.” He withdrew his fangs, loosened his grip and laughed softly. His eyes blistered an angry hue. “I’ve tasted you once. What if I take more next time, hm?”

              Someone shouted from the gathering they were calling the police. Lucius let me go, grinned and walked on, slow and murderous as the crowd parted for him like he emanated poison in a three-foot radius. He disappeared around the corner of the cathedral . . .”

So far, I am on track to finish Volume Three by months end, and it should be edited, illustrated, and formatted for its scheduled release next month. Part four might come more slowly, seeing as I would really like to add two more stories to the series. Please let me know what you think via the comments or email. I have an idea for a dirigible airship disaster. . .