Volume I Available for Download


Book one in the series is finally available for download…for free!

Look out we have a badass over here


Just *click here* for your free copy!

Did I mention it is free? Please enjoy, because none of the other books in the series will be. This addled head of mine insists on having a roof over it.

In other news, here is a snippet from Volume II:

“He faded into the wall and I left me shaken, exhausted and alone—alone except for the guilt constricting in my chest like a boa. Would it settle there permanently, forever feeding off my living soul until I grew cold in the ground, it’s fangs tearing into me with every shot fired, and every thrust of the red-tipped bayonet? And once I was dead, would I be marred for eternity, to be consumed by hell-fire? What a life, and what a death. As I settled back onto my bed, the verdict of no escape from my own unquiet mind filled me with a weary dread, a dread that disturbed my sleep, a dread that pushed and pulled and suffocated me whenever the lights dimmed and the guns went quiet.”

I know you all want to ask, “But Lucille, why do you write such depressing things?”

Well, because I am a depressing person. Figured I ought to capitalize on it.

Now I’m going to bask in the relief that finally finishing one step of my project can afford me. Until next time…