Exploding Laptops, Tannerite, and Back from the Editor


This morning, I came home to an exploded laptop. Ironic, considering this is what I was doing last night:

Tannerite Video

So anyway, I had a ton of emails to respond to this morning. The good news is, my editor is already finished with Book I.

Child Dancing

So, what I would like to do for those who read my blog is offer the first book as a free download on this site before it launches elsewhere.

It still needs formatting and whatnot, but I should have it up by week’s end.

In the mean time, book two is getting an edit and a cover, book three is bleeding profusely in Microsoft Word, and book four is in its gestational phase.

I’ll also be posting an interview I’m doing for this blog on the series.

I’m still plugging away at the epistolary series, too. Here is the latest snippet:

Brenda squeezed my hand as the priest—the one who currently headed the church that baptized my mother as an infant—stepped up to the podium. He cleared his throat, rubbed his hands together and leaned against the stand that held his Bible and delivered the eulogy. I felt sorry for him—having to sum up some stranger’s life in five minutes, all while standing in front of a dead body in a box.

The chairs creaked again as people shifted in their seats and leaned in to better hear the speech, and with the sound of the crackling, a flash of flames sparked within my tired vision. I cleared my throat, twisted in my own chair as the priest droned on. Crackle, snap, flash—a muffled scream. I dropped Brenda’s hand.

Later this week, I’ll publish a post on outlining and story planning. I’m hoping that shedding some light on my own process might encourage and inspire those of you who wish to write and publish your own series.

Thanks for reading.

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