Sample Chapter and Illustration Reveal

Sample Chapter and Illustration Reveal

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Because I love you all so much, I’m going to reveal part of a sample chapter along with an illustration. Although I must warn you, this is the unedited version. My editor won’t be done with books 1 and 2 for a few weeks. Regardless, please enjoy!


Nefarious: A Dark and Erotic Tale


I’d finished my latest invention. I almost couldn’t stand the wait, the infernal wait before I could test its effectiveness. Anticipation would make the witness of its first use all the sweeter.

I was in the basement of our medical offices, and I couldn’t get the taste of her off my tongue nor out of my mind. What was it, defiance? Yes, that was the lingering savor. But something more—it was the taste of empathy. I knew it, because I did not have it. It tasted like love, companionship, and humanity itself. It was pure, blinding light—a tangy lemon, a soft custard and buttery embrace. I took a deep breath and packed the equipment into the box, carried it upstairs, the scuff of my shoes and swish of my tailcoat the only sound in the sterile silence.

Late into the evening the day of her first procedure, I’d wandered the streets of town. Giddy with lust, I could sense her presence—an invisible, golden thread strung from her heart to mine, drawing me near until I stood outside her window. The soft sound of her breathing lulled me into a stupor, and I dozed under a rhododendron. I heard her rouse at sun-up, and followed her to the old woman’s house.

I hid in the shade of an old oak tree, and what I heard made the hollow piece of black coal in my chest ache with tenderness—her empathy. I wanted it to be mine. I was a greedy, covetous creature. Without it, all joy had left me, the rich fabric of human emotion ashes in my mouth. This is death, and it is spiteful, frustrated, and bored. So, I moved the boxes she left on the railing, and I could taste her confusion, crisp as mint. I licked my lips in the dappled shade, still sticky from her life-force as I watched her scramble down the stairs. Her panic reverberated through my loins and aroused me to my core.

Illustration Preview

Lucius lingered at the top of the stairs—a wisp of smoke, smelling of sulfur.

“Some help with that?” He swiped the box from my hands. I snarled at him, teeth cutting my upper lip.

“Dog without a bone? She’s in room 10.” I picked up the box, and gave Lucius a look that could whither cut glass.

“You’re lucky you are already dead. Remember our deal?” I hated how petulant I sounded. He returned my glare and nodded. I wanted to smell him braising in hell, flesh he was so arrogant to believe would never mar disintegrate into the atmosphere as if it had never existed. It would be soon, so very soon.

I could faintly hear her heart beating when I reached the door. I thought I might collapse from the deliciousness of it all. My hand shook a little as I turned the knob, and I was quite brisk with my entry.


Book III is coming along well. It is at roughly 3000 words already. I hope to have it finished in two weeks, illustrated and edited within a month.


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