Update Concerning the Space Behind the Curtain: Moncrief’s is about to Change


Okay people, things are about to change around here. Moncrief’s will be undergoing a metamorphosis of sorts. As far as the content goes, I’ll still be updating regularly in regards to grammar rules and writing styles, which I know appeals to the fellow writers who frequent this blog. But, I’d like to add some new readers into the fold.

I’ll be adding a publishing option to the site, and I’ll be starting with my own works. Cue the gasping and pearl clutching.

I know. I can hear you all now:

Please Lucille, don’t torture us with that tripe you call prose!

But I must, the muse compels. And so, I’d like to give a little bit of an update on the Nefarious series.

Books one and two have been making the rounds with a few of my beta readers (love you guys,) and will be sent off to the editor this week.

Also, the cover for book one is finished:

Nefarious: A Dark and Erotic Tale


…and the illustrations for it will be ready tomorrow. Then, book two will be sent off to my illustrator, and he should be finished with that within the week. I’ll also be designing a logo and header background for the blog to go with the steampunk-horror motif I’ve got going on here.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on book three and also wrapping up my horror epistolary series. This is about a cursed family and a haunted, sentient keystone. Will be due for release this fall. An excerpt:

“Something compelled me to look up at the keystone, like it controlled a lure I’d bitten, and now could not break free of. When I held the stone within my gaze, the birds stopped singing and the wind fell silent. My feet became heavy and my breathing became mechanic, robotic and measured, and the oppressiveness inside the house seeped out of the corners of the door frame and from under the crooked window sashes, pressing against me with a sinister intent. I was a fly trapped in its sticky sap, struggling to break free.”

Tomorrow, my illustrations will be in and I’ll post one for you as a preview, along with an excerpt from book one. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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