Store is Ready


The store is finally up and running!

There are services for line and copyediting, and also a service that combines the two. Eventually, I will add English tutoring once I determine the terms of the contract.

I will have a post up sometime this weekend that will expound on my earlier post on passive voice and -ing participles.

I’ve recently finished editing a story for a friend who wanted more information on passive voice, and I am happy to oblige. I think it is something that trips up a lot of writers, but fortunately is easy to fix once you understand and recognize it. And I will admit that my motives are a bit selfish–I much prefer posts about style as opposed to posts about grammar. As a native English speaker, explaining the nuts and bolts of English grammar is almost like reverse engineering–what a headache. But fear not, I promise I will continue with our subordinate clauses series as soon as the passive voice post is up.



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